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Car or truck sounding a little wheezy? Do you have a rattle coming from your undercarriage? Your exhaust system may be in need of some serious TLC. Exhaust leaks can sap power and MPGs! A leak near your exhaust manifold can even cause damage to your motor. Stop by Covington's expert exhaust shop for a quick fix!

Affordable exhaust service with a smile:

  • Muffler replacement

  • Catalytic converter replacement

  • Exhaust leak detection and repair

  • O2 sensor replacements

  • Custom pipe bending

  • Aftermarket installations

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When you want more out of your motor, you'll find we only use the best brands and available options from the industry's best exhaust masters. You'll get the perfect sound here, thanks to FlowMaster and Walker!

"I know that it's hard to find a mechanic that you can trust, but I think I've found a good one here."

- Donielle W. via Yelp

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Want to get more easy, bolt-on power out of your motor?

A custom exhaust system fabricated and installed by Glen's Chevron can do it quick! Most stock exhaust systems are restrictive - let your engine breathe with our custom kits.